Fast Start

6 Steps to Get Started With DECA!
Get Started with DECA [Tutorial]
Get Started with DECA [PowerPoint]


As a brand new chapter, the first step is to get activated with DECA. Once you activate, DECA will provide you with a membership portal username and password. 

Need additional assistance?   

Contact your Chapter Support Team at [email protected] or call (206) 802-2877.


Get others excited about DECA! From students to administrators, to parents and the community, share the DECA message and answer the question, "Why DECA?" These resources will help you make the case for starting a DECA chapter at your school with your students. Additional resources are available in Unit One.
 - DECA Immersion Overview [Introducing DECA]
 - What is DECA (slide deck with speakers notes and link to membership video)
 - Editable Washington DECA brochure
 - Member Agreement
 - Member Application 
 - Google Form version of the Membership Application [make a copy]
 - Member Sign-Up Sheet with Instructions for Use
 - State Officer Welcome Video

[3] MEET!

You've sparked interest on it's time to hold your first DECA meeting! 
 - First Meeting Facilitation Guide 


Make it official! Register your students for DECA annual membership through the Online Membership Portal.  

Before you enter members into the portal, you'll need to collect membership dues of $20 per member for students and advisors. 

Need additional assistance?  

Contact your Chapter Support Team at [email protected] or call (206) 802-2877.

[5] LEAD!

A strong DECA chapter is supported by advisors and led by students. Identify your student leaders and arm them with the structure and leadership resources they need to create a solid foundation for your chapter! 
 - Elevate Module #3 - Leadership Team


Mark your calendars...schedule all of your chapter events for the year! From conferences to fundraisers to community events, and more, utilize Washington DECA's events and resources to enhance your chapter's calendar of events for this year. 
 - Refer to Unit One Scheduling Documents under Exclusive Resources for DECA Menu
   and DECA Weekly Planner.


Teach DECA is a resource for all your DECA chapter needs! Gain access to helpful tutorials, download template resources for the classroom, attend interactive webinars tailored for advisors, and more. Our Chapter Support Team is also available to meet with you for one-on-one virtual coaching sessions.