New Advisor Update - June 5, 2018

New Advisor Update - June 5, 2018

New Advisor Update - June 5, 2018

1. Reminder: New Advisor In-Service 

2. College Quest Opportunity at Western Washington University 


If you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year advisor, be sure to mark your calendars for September 14th, 2018!  This is the date of our New Advisor In-service being hosted by Washington DECA.  The details are being finalized, but one thing is for don't want to miss this training! Not only will we be presenting a detailed navigation of, but we will be rolling out some awesome new resources like: DECA Menu of Activities (pick and choose what you want to do), a DECA Syllabus of what to teach/present and when, and a lesson plan for using Project Management tools to complete the DECA Chapter Campaigns!  This date is worthy of a sticky note on your calendar!   



This summer, Western Washington University is hosting two full weeks of the College Quest Program and they wanted to share this opportunity with the students in Washington DECA. 

The program will offer students a variety of courses from each college at Western Washington University. Students will have the opportunity to take one course of their choice earning one transferable credit during their week long stay on Western’s campus. In addition, students have access to specialized admissions workshops, residence and dining halls on campus, and the full university experience via evening programming and recreation activities. 

For a full list of courses and offerings, click here!  They have everything from Entrepreneurship and Innovation to Vehicle Design and Environmental Science!  Great opportunity for your students to experience life on a university campus! 

I hope that you all have an amazing summer and take the time to relax and decompress!  I look forward to seeing you next fall at the New Advisor In-service!  


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