New Advisor Update - April 10, 2018

New Advisor Update - April 10, 2018

New Advisor Update - April 10, 2018

1. Elevate Leadership Resources 

2. ELS (Emerging Leader Summit) - July 7-9, 2018 


As ICDC comes to an end and your year starts to wrap up, you might want to give some thought to electing next year's leadership team.  Electing them in the spring will allow them to bond and start planning for next year, as well as give you some time to train them to be effective leaders and in their specific offices.   You can also introduce them at your End of the Year Banquet if you are hosting one.

Here are some resources that will come in handy for this process: 

  • Elevate Leadership Webinar: this is a webinar created by Danielle Tuason and myself.  It explains how to use modules 3 and 4 in the elevate leadership series, as well as provides links to a set of handouts developed for students on "How to Run for Office" that you can tweak and use for the actual election process.
  • Elevate Leadership Modules: this includes all 5 modules; 3 explains the mission based offices and 4 goes through developing a program of leadership. 
  • Elevate slide decks: (these also can be found under the webinars tab on called Elevate Your Leadership)



Real DECA leaders don’t take the summer off. Part of the DECA Emerging Leader Series, the DECA Emerging Leader Summit brings together association officers, chapter officers and leaders, and officer hopefuls during a three-day intense leadership experience. Two tracks — EMPOWER for association officers and ELEVATE for chapter officers and leaders — will prepare leaders to effectively lead their chapters and associations. Students will be sent with Washington DECA; advisors do not need to attend.


Teach DECA is a resource for all your DECA chapter needs! Gain access to helpful tutorials, download template resources for the classroom, attend interactive webinars tailored for advisors, and more. Our Chapter Support Team is also available to meet with you for one-on-one virtual coaching sessions.