Webinars for Advisors

TeachDECA.org webinars provide DECA advisors with an opportunity to learn more about DECA, acquire DECA tools and resources, and connect with DECA specialists in an interactive virtual setting. Webinars go live every first and third Thursday of the month at 3:30 p.m.  The webinars are 20-30 minutes in duration, and specialists are available afterwards for questions in an open forum.  

Welcome to Washington DECA Webinar

The Welcome to Washington DECA Webinar takes place every first Thursday of the month. This webinar is recommended for all new advisors. 

DECA Webinar Series

The DECA Webinar Series is offered every third Thursday of the month and highlights a different topic of interest each month.  The target audience for the DECA Webinar Series is new advisors and chapters who want to learn the basics about DECA.  

Webinar Schedule for Spring 2018
Thursday, January 18 @ 3:30PM: Advocacy and Educational Initiative Resources on DECA.org
Thursday, February 1 @ 3:30PM: Nutrition Guidelines and SBE Advice from Washington DECA
Thursday, February 15 @ 3:30PM: Elevate your Leadership Team in 2018-2019
Thursday, March 1@ 3:30PM: Plan ahead for your Professional Development in Washington DECA
Thursday, March 15 @ 3:30PM: Professional Development Opportunities


To view recordings of past webinars, login to the Exclusive Resources portal. 

To inquire about TeachDECA.org webinars, please contact a DECA specialist at teach@wadeca.org.  

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